Navigation Instructions

Navigating The Reports
The Main button returns you to the primary menu and page for Data Services. There are other menus for Clergy, Charge Conference, End of Year Reports, etc.

Saving the Reports
Data entered into a report is not saved on the server until you press the save button. For your convenience, there is generally a purple button titled 'Save' located at the top and also at the bottom of the report.

If you navigate from a page that contains unsaved data you may be given a warning and asked if you want to throw away your changes. Clicking OK will throw away your changes and allow you to proceed. Click Cancel to stay on the current page where you can then Save Changes.

Pressing a button may cause a dialog box with a message (prompt) to be displayed. The log out button will ask if you really want to log out and give you a chance to change your mind. If you edit a report and do not click save, the system may warn you that you will lose data if you leave the page. Some reports may require certain fields to contain data before saving. If so you will be prompted when pressing the Save Changes button.

Printing the Reports
To print a report you must first view it. When the Print Report button is highlighted you may print the viewed report. Pressing the button will cause the Print Dialog box to display. This allows you to select various printer options (as desired). Once the printer options are set to the desired settings (usually the default values are fine) press the OK button. Typically within a few seconds, the printout will start.

Before printing any reports set your top and bottom margins to .5 inches, and the left and right margins to .5 inches (the settings are typically found under File / Page Setup). Depending on preference you may also want to delete header and footer information in order to have neater reports; this is completely optional and you should write down the settings in case you want to restore them after printing the charge conference reports.

Editing Text in a Memo Field
On several reports, there are multi-line text fields called a memo field. You do not need to press the Enter or Return ID at the end of each line. The text will word wrap to the next line. You should only press the Enter or Return ID when you want the line to end on the report and a new line to begin. Please do not attempt to do any other formatting.

How Long Do I Have Before I Need To Save My Report?
For security purposes, sessions have a 20-minute time limit. The session resets to 20 minutes whenever you load a new page. Your session will expire if you stay on the same page for 20 minutes. However, there is a pop-up timer that will alert you when there are only 5 minutes left, and prompt you to renew your session (reset to 20 minutes) so that you can continue to use a page for an extended period of time.

If your session expires you will need to log back in.

Logging Out
Please log out when done to keep your account secure. You will be prompted to verify that you want to log out in case you accidentally pressed the button. Please log out instead of using your browser's close button or the X in the upper right corner of the window.