Logging In

For Clergy and Lay profiles if you don't know your password please click the blue 'Password Assistance' button and proceed as explained. You will be sent an email to reset your password.

For the Church profile please contact your church's district office for assistance.

Create an Account
Lay accounts can be created for use with the Lay profile, and to complete the Lay Servant/Speaker Report.

Accounts for the Church and Clergy profiles are created and managed by the IT Office.

For more information on this topic see the article regarding Profiles.

If you get the message "Invalid combination of Profile Type/Username/Password" double check that you have the correct values.

Please check to see if you have an updated web browser. Chrome and Firefox has been an effective alternative when users experience issues while using older versions of Internet Explorer.

If you are experiencing difficulties your browser setttings may need to be reset to their default settings. Typically these settings can be found under Tools / Options.