Church Leadership

Please note that the functionality of the Report of Church Leadership was changed in response to user feedback in Feb 2017. Please read the following notes carefully.

Report Dates:

  • The Report Year is used for printing reports only.

Options on the Menu Bar:

  • Person List: Lists all of the persons in the database associated with your church in a grid.
    • There is a check box to view people who have been archived.
    • There is a search for narrowing results by name (first or last).
    • Columns may be sorted by clicking on the column header.
    • You may View/Edit the person's information by clicking on the blue button in the left column of the grid. This will pull up the person's detailed information.
  • Person Detail: Detailed information for each person (personal, email, and positions).
    • Is used to edit/insert/delete information; and to archive persons who are no longer active.
    • There is a drop down list for choosing another person to view.
  • Position View: List of people and positions.
    • Can be used to review/edit/insert/delete position information.

To Add\Insert a Person:

  • Click on the light purple 'Insert New Person' button.
  • Step 1 is to fill in the basic personal information, and then click 'Save'.
  • If the system finds a possible match you will be prompted to 'Select' a matched record, or to 'Insert' the new record.
  • Step 2 is to add email, and positions.
  • Please note that each person should only be entered once, and then assigned one or more positions.

To Update a person:

Find the person either in the Person List, or using the drop down list on Person Detail.

  • Click edit to update existing information.
  • Use the Insert lines to add additional information. Enter the new information, and then click the light purple Insert button.
  • Email and Positions may be deleted.
  • People may not be deleted. Please use the red Archive Person button to hide persons who are not active. Please do not archive people with current positions.

To Update Information for a Position:

  • On Person Detail this may be done person by person, or on Position View.
  • Editing a position record allows for changing the Term End date.


  • To Archive a Person: On the Person View underneath the person's information click on the red 'Archive Person' button.
  • To Activate an Archived Person: On the Person View underneath the person's information click on the green 'Remove from Archive' button.