Lay Leadership

To Add and Delete
• Add: click New, enter data, click Update.
• Delete: click Delete, and then confirm.
• Please only delete incorrect data. Records are kept for historical purposes.
• Not all records can be deleted. Those will not have a delete option.

To Update
• Click Edit, update the appropriate fields, click Update.
• Click Cancel to undo changes.

• Mailing address and email are both requested for all SPRC members.
• For all other positions only provide the mailing address when no email is available.

Lay Members (Delegates) for Annual Conference
• Each charge has a Lay Member allotment Based upon the number of appointed qualifying clergy as of July 1 (e.g. July 1, 2018 for the 2019 Annual Conference). If you have questions about this number please contact your district office.

• Multiple churches on the same charge need to decide how to distribute the allotment. The report includes all Lay Members from the Charge. Only Lay Members from your local church